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3 Crucial Steps to Hit the Ground Running as a Self-employed Adviser

Are you considering becoming a self-employed adviser? What are the difficulties and how do you become successful? In this article, the team at Tenet Financial Services share three crucial steps to hit the ground running.

About Tenet Financial Services

Tenet Financial Services was established to assist self-employed advisers to provide the highest qualify financial and mortgage advice. We do this by ensuring that our advisers receive all of the administration, marketing and business planning support and guidance needed to succeed.

Our advisers have the benefit of a supportive network, whilst also being able to work where and when they want.

We believe all of our advisers can hit the ground running, by following 3 steps!

3 crucial steps to hit the ground running as a self-employed adviser
3 crucial steps to hit the ground running as a self-employed adviser

Step 1 – Create a steady stream of leads

One of the biggest errors made by self-employed advisers is not placing enough importance on lead generation and follow up.

To be successful you will need to explore different avenues in order to generate leads. You can get your leads through:

  • Referrals
  • Lead Generators
  • Marketing
  • Partnership / Introducers
  • Direct messaging on LinkedIn


At Tenet, we recommend that you have a number of lead generation streams in place.

Step 2 – Get your admin in order

One of the biggest pitfalls of becoming a self-employed adviser, is that the administration falls largely down to yourself. These tasks would have been carried out by an administrator in an employed position.

Administrative tasks vary from:

  • ID Verification
  • Liasing with providers
  • Annual review planning
  • Back office system administration


Self-employed advisers can find it challenging to hit the ground running when they are drowning in administrative tasks.

This is why, at Tenet Financial Services, our advisers are provided with one-to-one administrative support.

3 crucial steps to hit the ground running as a self-employed adviser

Step 3 – Cultivate the right mindset

It takes a certain amount of bravery to become self-employed and lose the security blanket of employment.

However, you can gain both autonomy and freedom if you make a success of it.

You will need to:

  • Set realistic expectations and goals
  • Be organised
  • Be resilient


For some individuals, self-employment can seem like a lonely game. However, with Tenet Financial Services you have the best of both worlds; the freedom of self-employment whilst knowing that we will be by your side, helping you succeed.

Want to learn more?

Going self-employed is a big step, here at Tenet we make it easy. If you’re ready to kick start your plans, download the full free pdf guide to hitting the ground running here, to find out more information on:

  • How to generate leads and keep up the momentum
  • How to have the right mindset
  • How we can help to get your administration in order


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