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AF5 – February 2023 Exam Fact Find

The fact find has landed and the analysis at BTS HQ has already begun!

And there’s more…

On fact-find release day for AF5 (as if that isn’t exciting enough) BTS has something else up our sleeve that will hopefully enable our candidates to support each other in the lead up to the AF5 exam sitting.

As an added arm to the Careers Zone suite of support, the BTS Forums are here – not that you knew they were coming, we kept that one quiet ?

To get the discussion started, we have added a couple of topics to the AF5 Forum. You’ll find the BTS AF5 technical revision list within the first topic which we’ve named ‘AF5 February 2023 – Technical Revision List’. This is our ‘starter for ten’, highlighting the technical areas that we identified in our initial look at the February AF5 fact-find.

AF5 Exam Fact Find
BTS Forums

We hope the forums will be a valued addition to our candidates’ exam preparation journey. There is a forum for each exam unit (the ones that BTS currently provide support for).

Details of how to access the BTS Forums can be found further on in this article.

The forums are for you and will be led by you

You can only gain access to the forums as a logged in user – which means if you are new to BTS, you’ll have to register first. This is a completely free feature for you to use as much or as little as you would like.

Subscribe to the bits you want to hear about

You’ll be able to subscribe and unsubscribe to specific forums, so once you’ve passed one unit and you move onto another, you might switch the forum that you’re subscribed in.

Support each other

We want to encourage our students to talk to each other and support one another on journeys to exam success. If you’ve been on a BTS workshop, you’ve likely seen this community support coming out – it’s often sad when the workshop day comes to an end! We hope the forums will provide you with your very own army of people to travel with on the path to exam success.

The forums aren’t a form of coaching from BTS. We have set this facility up to enable our candidates to utilise each other as a support network. Although BTS will monitor from time to time, we’ll not be regularly involved in or responding to the conversations (unless one of us happens to be sitting a specific exam, then we might stick our ore in!).

AF5 – February 2023 Exam Fact Find

AF5 candidates – what are you waiting for?

Today you’ve been introduced to your VIP clients for the couple of weeks ahead – Steve & Linda Day, who are expecting a sizeable inheritance in the next few weeks.

BTS’ Natalie wrote an article at the beginning of the week about her own strategy for AF5 and how she intends to tackle the days leading up to the exam, and the importance of making these clients feel as real in your mind as possible. Now, with the BTS AF5 forum, you’ll have the ability to chat to your industry colleagues (fellow AF5 candidates?) about Steve & Linda.

Natalie’s AF5 study tips article can be accessed here.

How do I access the AF5 Forum?

As a logged in user of the Careers Zone, you can access the forums directly from your dashboard – easy! And to make it even easier, you can log in here.

Check out the forum to access our technical revision list. Feel free to comment on the topic that’s there already or, start a new conversation to talk to others about any of your own thoughts or burning questions.

Now you have seen the fact-find, your approach to your studies, is key to exam success.

What AF5 support have BTS got available over the next few weeks?

Our in-house design team will be working on the fact-find over the weekend and we’ll be releasing our e-analysis on Monday (if not early on Tuesday) as well as prepping for our BTS 1-day workshops running on Wednesday 15th February 2023.

There is still time to order the e-analysis to support your studies and practise exam questions. It contains the full analysis from the previous sitting for you to work through as a past paper. The analysis for the February sitting will be automatically added on Monday evening/Tuesday morning.

There is limited availability on the workshop (we have two running because of demand). You can purchase and book below by clicking the AF5 Exam Overview button.


Chat with other Af5 candidates in the dedicated BTS Af5 online forum room to help keep up to date , find out any new information and gain help and advise from others.

View Our AF5 Exam overview/toolkit to purchase any AF5 Study support including Study Guides, e-Learning modules, online workshops and study buddy. 

For more information on the AF5 Exam sitting read our helpful ‘AF5 February 2023 Exam Sitting’ Article 

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