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BTS Career Pathways | Routes to Level 4 

After two fantastic episodes on Getting into Financial Services and Changing Careers, the next event in the Career Pathways programme focuses on some of the routes to getting a Level 4 qualification. 

We chatted to special guests from the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF) examining bodies about the different routes available to achieve a level 4 qualification.

BTS Director Jeff Scholes joined John Batten – Learning Proposition Manager from the CII, and Richard Cooper – Business Development Manager from the LIBF.

Find out about the routes to achieving a Level 4 qualification in financial services by catching up with the recording below!

BTS Career Pathways | Routes to Level 4

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Please note: Accessing the session via the Zoom link will allow you to join the live session. The session will also be recorded and the recording will be made available after the event to everyone who has signed up. The recording may also be available publicly via the BTS website and other podcast sharing platforms.

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