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Careers Zone Launched | Supporting the Financial Services Industry

Supporting your career in financial services.


Taking that next step in your career in financial services is about to get a whole lot easier with our BTS Careers Zone. 

The Careers Zone is a new, free resource developed by the team at BTS to help people come together and contribute their expertise to build and promote careers within financial services. 

Some BTS students are new to the industry, others are returning to financial services having had some timeout and some are looking to change their roles or sub-sectors. 

Whatever the story, we are proud to be a trusted source of advice and privileged to have watched many individuals blossom, thrive and succeed. 

Careers Zone Launched Supporting the Financial Services Industry
Careers Zone Launched | Supporting the Financial Services Industry

How can the Careers Zone help you?

Helping people achieve their professional goals is one of our passions here at BTS. Many students tell us that their reason for embarking on a path of study is to grow professionally. They also want to get the most out of their careers by building their knowledge base and corresponding skill set to progress on their chosen path.

Sounds easy right? It really isn’t.  It takes grit, determination, motivation and sometimes even failure to get us to where we want to be.  Professional growth is key to enhancing your skills. It is also crucial for the future of the sector.

That’s why BTS has developed the Careers Zone, an online portal packed with information, study plans, advice, and access to opportunities to support people working in, or looking to get into, financial services.

What resources can you find on the Careers Zone?

We have included detailed study plans for CII exams, role profiles from professionals working in the industry, answers to FAQs and a featured companies area for you to find out about career opportunities.

Our network of experts help and support you by sharing knowledge and expertise in regular articles, videos and podcasts.

We have also added our student-led forums, a safe space for you to chat to other candidates about all things study and exam related.

Find out more about the exam forums on the BTS Careers Zone in this video...

How do I access the Careers Zone?

If you already have a BTS account, you will have immediate access to the Careers Zone via your existing login – just click the blue Careers Zone button in the top right of the page.

If you don’t already have a BTS account, you’ll need to register on the BTS website before you can access the fantastic industry related content. Create an account or Login here.


Find out more about our Featured Companies and the opportunities available by visiting the Featured Companies Page, including how to contact them directly. 

You can also edit your profile and connect with featured companies.

View and Apply to new Featured Company Vacancies and any other individual vacancies submitted to our Job Board. 

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