R06: October 2023. How did we do?

R06 October 2023. How did we do

The January sitting of the R06 exam is just around the corner, with case studies released today (Friday 5th January 2024)! Before we turn our attention to the new case studies, we always recommend candidates look back at the previous sitting. An exercise BTS finds valuable is to analyse how well our case study analysis […]

Top Ten R06 FAQ’s

Top Ten R06 FAQ's

Natalie Dawes, Candidate Support & Business Development Adviser at BTS, covers some of the frequently asked questions about the R06 exam. The R06 exam is one of my favourite exams. I guess that’s an easy thing to say when you’ve got it under your belt. I genuinely feel though, that it was ‘up there’ when […]

R06 – Debunking the Myth

R06 Debunking the Myth

Nikita Phillips, BTS Candidate Support & Business Development Adviser, believes that there is a big myth that is hindering candidate performance in the R06 Financial Planning Practice Exam, and she wants this debunked! So, what is this myth? One of the common misconceptions about the R06 Financial Planning Practice Exam, is that you only need […]

Reflecting on the R06 April 2023 Exam Sitting

Reflecting on the April 2023 Reflect Webinar

BTS is running a ‘reflect’ webinar to further support your R06 exam preparation… It’s something we say time and time again that this unit is not one to be fooled by. It’s important that candidates don’t just rely on a provider’s case study analysis thinking that the last couple of weeks before the exam sitting […]

Let’s talk about deferred success

Let’s talk about deferred success

In a second article for Mental Health Awareness Week, Luiza Todd, BTS Director, shares her views on supporting candidates when it comes to deferred success. Let’s start with a few questions What is important to an exam candidate / corporate Academy? Is it all about first time exam pass rates and successes? How do you […]

It’s all kicking off – New FREE R06 and AF Exams Webinars 

It’s all kicking off – New FREE R06 and AF Exams Webinars

Are you thinking about sitting the R06 or AF exams? Check out our FREE kick-start webinars, there’s one available for each sitting! In these webinars we are going to walk you through how best to prepare for that upcoming R06 or AF exam.  Where you can learn about the key things to do and the […]

What’s the R06 exam like and what can go wrong?

BTS R06 Webinar

BTS is launching ‘kick-start’ webinars to support your studies… Don’t be fooled by R06… It’s really easy to be swayed by ‘the word on the street’ that R06 is an easy exam – it isn’t, not by any stretch. The CII recommend 100 hours of study which should be just one indicator that some work […]

Professional Paraplanner Technical Insights Webinar | R06 April Sitting 

Professional Paraplanner Technical Insights Webinar | R06 April 2022

Don’t miss the latest Professional Paraplanner R06 technical insights webinar On Tuesday 12th April 2022, Professional Paraplanner hosted another Technical Insights Webinar presented by Jeff Scholes, Director of Bespoke Training Solutions (BTS).  If you missed the live webinar, you can access the recording here Technical Insights Webinar – April R06 2022 Recording using access passcode: 6b@Sk#GE April’s webinar concentrates solely […]