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Connect with Featured Companies using the BTS Careers Zone 

Welcome to Careers Zone’s Newest Feature!

‘Connect with Featured Companies’ is tool that connects you with financial services firms offering career opportunities that interest you. 

In this article we give you an overview of how to use the BTS Careers Zone to make that all important first contact with a firm when you’re looking for a new career opportunity. 

The BTS Careers Zone welcomes collaborations with firms who are actively recruiting but we’re also rather picky about the firms we feature! The BTS team insist on producing real-life, honest content. We want to cut through the spin and give our candidates a fly-on-the-wall view of the opportunities in the sector. 

Our Featured Companies area provides a space for firms to share information about their culture, opportunities, and training proposition. You can read about each of the Featured Companies here and, if you find one you like the look of, you can connect with them.

Connect with Featured Companies using the BTS Careers Zone
Connect with Featured Companies using the BTS Careers Zone

Step 1 – Create your Profile

If you would like to connect with a company featured on the Careers Zone, you will first need to create a profile so that you can share some information about yourself. Click ‘Edit Profile’  in the left-hand menu on the Careers Zone website.  

Think of your profile as an introduction, allowing you to share the details you choose to include, with featured companies that interest you.  

Step 2 - Connect with Featured Companies

When you have finished editing your profile, click on the tab in your profile titled ‘Connect with Featured Companies | Career Preferences’.  Here you can opt into connecting with featured companies and choose which companies you would like to connect with.

You can also choose to add a ‘Looking for work’ ribbon to your profile picture.

When you are happy with your choices, click ‘update connection preferences’.

You can update your preferences and connect/disconnect from Featured Companies at any time by coming back to the ‘Edit Profile’ page.

Step 3 – Specify you Career Preferences

This tells the companies you have selected to connect with a bit more about the type of roles you would be interested in.  

To do this, select the job roles you are interested in then, click ‘Update Career Preferences’ to save your choices. 

To help you find your way around the editing your profile and making your connection choices, watch this step by step video on how to use the Connect with Featured Companies tool.

Connect with Featured Companies using the BTS Careers Zone

What happens when I choose to connect with a Featured Company?

Connecting with a Featured Company allows the company to view the information you have put in your profile and contact you about your interest in their career opportunities, should they consider you a good match. Any communication after this point is directly between you and the Featured Company.  

Each company you choose to connect with will be notified by email and will be in touch with you directly. In the meantime, make sure to view the information, articles and videos linked in their Featured Company Profile.  

Can I remove myself from connecting with Featured Companies if I change my mind?

Yes. You can disconnect from a Featured Company if you change your mind or are no longer looking for a new role.  

If you choose to disconnect, any Featured Company you have previously shared your profile with will no longer be able to view your profile on the Careers Zone, but they may still contact you if they have previously accessed your contact details. If you do not want to be contacted, we advise you to get in touch with them directly to remove your data from their records. 

You can update your connection preferences at any time in the ‘Connect with Featured Companies’ tab. 

Please Note – Your profile is only visible to Featured Companies that you have chosen to connect with.  It is not visible to other users.  

Top tips for making your profile stand out when Connecting with Featured Companies:

  1. Include a summary of your relevant skills, qualifications and professional experience. 

  2. Include a link to your LinkedIn profile. 

  3. If you are actively looking for a new role, add the ‘Looking for Work’ banner to your profile picture. 

  4. Select your Career Preferences to match yourself with relevant Featured Companies. 

Remember, you can decide to complete as much or as little of your public profile as you like and can update it at any time. View our privacy policy for more information around how we use your data. 


To find out more about any of our Featured Companies, please check out our Featured Companies page below.

You can also connect with any of our Featured Companies by editing your profile and updating your connect with featured companies preferences to start a conversation.

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