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It’s all kicking off – New FREE R06 and AF Exams Webinars 

Are you thinking about sitting the R06 or AF exams? Check out our FREE kick-start webinars, there’s one available for each sitting!

In these webinars we are going to walk you through how best to prepare for that upcoming R06 or AF exam.  Where you can learn about the key things to do and the key things to avoid if you want to up the odds for a successful outcome.

The BTS technical team will run an introduction webinar to support you with all aspects of your studies.  From exploring the syllabus to preparing for your exams, these friendly webinars are designed for you to get some tips from the experts and put your studies on track for success.

It’s all kicking off – New FREE R06 and AF Exams Webinars
It’s all kicking off – New FREE R06 and AF Exams Webinars

How to study for your R06 and AF exams

If you’re wondering: where and how do I start? Then these webinars are for you. So, before you decide which provider’s textbook to purchase make you sure you get booked up to get you off to the best possible start.

ℹ️ Not every topic is examined to the same extent. So where do you need to direct your studying efforts? What are the questions that come up? What are the key core parts of the syllabus?

ℹ️ We will show you in advance where the majority of your efforts should be focused, allowing you to plan out your study time more effectively

ℹ️ You are the only one who will know your capacity and how much time you have to dedicate to your studies. Being clear about your objectives and creating a focused study plan will be vital because ultimately you are the one in the driving seat

ℹ️ How do you allow for those ‘curveballs’? What can and does go wrong? How can you stay in control when things go belly up?

How can you book a space?

You can view the dates for all upcoming webinars and register to attend here. It’s completely free! 

You will be sent a link to join the live Zoom webinar. If you can’t make the live session, we will post the recording after the session.

We look forward to you joining us!


View our R06 Exam Overview to find out more about the exam plus find links to purchase our R06 study support. We produce a full R06 Study Guide, a Case Study Analysis e-Learning module and offer online workshops for each sitting.

View our Advanced Diploma AF Exams Toolkits to view our range of AF study support including Study Guides, e-Learning modules, and online workshops.

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