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Reflecting on the R06 April 2023 Exam Sitting

BTS is running a ‘reflect’ webinar to further support your R06 exam preparation…

It’s something we say time and time again that this unit is not one to be fooled by. It’s important that candidates don’t just rely on a provider’s case study analysis thinking that the last couple of weeks before the exam sitting will be enough, to secure that all important exam pass.

It’s essential for providers like BTS to review what questions came up and the answers that the CII were looking for. So we have conducted our own analysis which you could say is a little like an exam post-mortem.

We have a good look at the evidence, we question it, interrogate it, until we get to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!!!

It’s the first piece of the puzzle that helps us to put in the right support for you, setting you on the path to exam success.

Reflecting on the April 2023 Reflect Webinar

Weekend musings…

Over the weekend, with talking to many candidates and conducting our own analysis post results day, we have decided to put on an extra layer of support.

This is the launch of our ‘R06 Reflect Webinar’ and the first one will be this Friday 9th June 2023 at 1pm, hosted by Luiza Todd, BTS Director.

Luiza will cover the following:

  • the feedback received from the examiner, including strengths and weaknesses in candidate responses
  • where candidates went wrong and how to develop answers to achieve maximum marks
  • key words within question stems to ensure you are answering what the examiner is actually asking


We want to pinpoint the most challenging areas, focus on the pain points and look at why things may go wrong – hopefully preventing you from doing so.

Reflecting on the April 2023 Reflect Webinar
Reflecting on the April 2023 Reflect Webinar

How do you access the webinar?

The webinar is taking place on Friday 9th June 2023 at 1pm – you will need to register to attend. We encourage you to attend the live event but if you’re not able to, this session will be recorded and available to view via the BTS Careers Zone.

Here is the link to register:

Another fantastic opportunity to feel the strong arm of support from BTS and get ahead of the game with your R06 exam preparations.

Your opportunity to ask questions

You’ll have your opportunity to ask questions, via the Q&A and we encourage you to do so. It will be an unmissable session for anyone struggling with the right way to prepare for this exam.

Who else do you know that would find this useful? Let them know about the free extra layer of support that is available, the more people that know, the more we can help each other and tackle this exam.


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Chat with other R06 candidates in the dedicated BTS R06 online forum room to help keep up to date , find out any new information and gain help and advise from others.

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