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The Change Catalyst – Chris Moon on the Psychology of Change

Have you ever wanted to make a change in your life, but a voice in your head told you that you won’t succeed?

Whether we’re dealing with change in our personal lives or our careers, it’s human nature to avoid risk: in fact, it’s hardwired into our DNA.

However, this natural evolution can also be our biggest barrier to achieving our goals.

Introducing The Change Catalyst

St. James’s Place Adviser Academy is hosting an online event with Chris Moon – former British Officer turned global motivational speaker who defied the odds after surviving captivity, landmine incidents, and amputation.

He shares experiences on the balance of life and death and the limit of endurance, which strips away any pretence we have as human beings to allow us to use his principles to do what we do, but better.

Armed with a Masters in Human Behaviour, Chris’ unique insights and proven principles to silence that doubting voice will empower you to navigate change, overcome obstacles, and thrive in your career. 

Sign up to the event

This not to be missed event will help launch you into Spring and give you a well needed boost of encouragement on your journey to change! 

Taking place on Thursday 15th February 12:00 – 13:00pm. Register now!

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