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Top Tips for Dealing with an R0 Remote Exam Glitch

Although much improved, the CII PSI remote exam system is still causing some candidates unwanted stress due to exam glitches. Whilst the CII continue to improve the system, there are some things you can do to help yourself in the event of a system glitch.

If you have a remote PSI exam coming up, check out Luiza’s recent article in Professional Paraplanner magazine for our 5 top tips for dealing with an R0 remote exam glitch.

The key take-away from this article is to access as much information as possible about the remote exam centre experience in advance of your sitting. The CII have released loads of resources to help you to prepare for the system requirements and to troubleshoot problems that might arise on the day. Keep calm and check our the following CII links to start your preparation:

Top tips for dealing with an R0 remote exam glitch

Links and resources to help you get ready for a PSI remote exam

PSI diagnostic tool an essential tool to make sure the system you are planning to use will work and avoid stress inducing problems on the day.

Free webinar: Preparing for your on-screen exam via remote invigilation ( To help CII students prepare for their on-screen remote R0 exams, the CII have hosted webinars with Q&As presented by Dr. Nicola Mellor, Qualifications Director of CII, Tony Ward, Customer Operations Director of CII and Liam Simington, Assessment Manager of CII. Topics include:

Top Tips for dealing with an R0 remote exam glitch

  • how to book and prepare for on-screen exam


  • technical requirements to be aware if in advance


  • what to expect on the day of the exam


All credit to the CII, enabling candidates to sit their exams seven days a week, during a global pandemic, is no small feat!


Read our helpful FAQ’s on Remote Exam Sitting Guidance, to find out tips like what IT equipment do I need to sit a remote exam, What is remote invigilation like and more!

Read more more useful FAQ’s about Onscreen written exams.

Read our FAQ’s on Booking a CII exam to be confident when booking your next exam.

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