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True Potential Academy: An Insight

Candidate Support and Business Development Adviser, Nikita Phillips was joined by Jennifer Cumberledge and Martin Taylor from True Potential Wealth Management. Together, we discussed the True Potential Academy and the opportunities available for career development at True Potential.

Watch the video below to find out more about the True Potential Academy or keep reading to find the answers to some of our questions.

True Potential Academy: An Insight


I think a great place to start, is to ask what is the True Potential Academy and who is it available to?

True Potential Academy An Insight


The True Potential Academy is a great opportunity that we offer within the company, so it is a great way for people to develop and progress their careers.

We work with yourselves at BTS to get people through their Level 4 CII qualification so that they can get their diploma, and hopefully go into a Level 4 position in the company from there.

We work with yourselves for the resources, and we have webinars and workshops and sessions with your team to get people through their exams one at a time, and give them a little bit of support to get that qualification and an idea of what they can do with that afterwards as well.


How is the academy structured?


The way that we tend to do it, is we will have two academies running per year, with roughly 12 candidates in each. It is really good, because there is a lot of interest across True Potential across all of the different departments within the group, for people who are looking to complete the Level 4 Diploma.

We have started the process of interviewing people so that we can select the best candidates, which could be anyone really, anyone who is committed and determined to wanting to advance their careers, and obviously once they’ve moved through their exams and qualifications, we have a number of roles that they can step into in terms of compliance file checker, paraplanner or financial adviser.

In terms of structure, you would come into one of the academies, simply complete all of the exams with the process that BTS help with by sitting on workshops and webinars which are a fantastic resource, as the exams pass, once you’ve got the Level 4 Diploma you would then move into a new role and a new career.

True Potential Academy An Insight
True Potential Academy An Insight


Why would you recommend financial advice as a career and how does the Academy set people up for success?


Something that we look at in our company is the average age of the financial adviser across the UK, a lot of those are now working towards retirement and starting to sell down and move their clients across to other advisers, so we’ve got quite a lot of young people in True Potential, and it is a really good way to get more people into the career where in the future there is going to be a shortage of financial advisers, but there is still going to be that need for them.

So there is a lot of career opportunities, you’ve got financial advisers, paraplanning, case checking, all of these are level 4 careers, so there’s lots of opportunities to progress.

In terms of how the academy sets them up for that, with it being available to staff, they are working within the financial services industry whilst doing their qualifications so not only have they got the resources from yourselves, but they are also getting real life experience as well, and it is opening their eyes to which part of the business do you want to work in and which Level 4 job do you want to work in.

The great thing is that we have people from all different backgrounds, not everyone started off in financial services, and working from the ground up within the business whilst doing the academy is a really good way to introduce people from all sorts of backgrounds and different experience levels. 

To find out more, watch the full-recording at the top of the page where we discuss in more detail the role of a True Potential Adviser, the skills and experience needed to join the academy, and the best and most challenging parts of the academy experience.


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