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What’s the R06 exam like and what can go wrong?

BTS is launching ‘kick-start’ webinars to support your studies…

Don’t be fooled by R06…

It’s really easy to be swayed by ‘the word on the street’ that R06 is an easy exam – it isn’t, not by any stretch. The CII recommend 100 hours of study which should be just one indicator that some work is involved in getting this exam under your belt. The unit brings together all of your knowledge from the other R0s and although this sounds pretty straight forward, it really isn’t.

Firstly, it’s a written exam. No more choosing your answer from a selection of those available. Instead, you’re faced with blank space that you must fill, to show the examiner you have the technical knowledge and understanding but also that you know how to apply it. Following BTS’ approach to the R0s, this written exam should be the last one to complete the level 4 diploma and this can bring added pressures in itself. We have some candidates come to us for support once they have had a few attempts and feel pretty disheartened with their deferred success. It’s only when they realise R06 is a much tougher ask than they have been led to believe, that they then turn to BTS.

BTS R06 Webinar

So, what are people saying? What is the ‘word on the street’?

Aside from thinking that this is an easy unit, many people think that you can simply buy an analysis or learn answers to questions. Something we hear time and time again is about ‘my mate Dave down the pub says it’s a piece of cake’ well perhaps not down the pub but you get the point.

We all learn differently; we all need slightly different approaches. What works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for another. BTS recognises this which is why we have our STEP approach and a variety of support options available. We want to increase the support we provide, especially for candidates that are struggling to understand why this unit is proving to be such a challenge.

We’ll be providing this additional support with our new ‘Kick Off’ webinars, starting with one to support candidates that are planning to sit the April R06 exam This first webinar will take place on 27th March 2023, running at lunchtime for anyone that is looking to take or is already booked in on theirR06 exam. We will be focusing on what the exam is actually like and all the things that can go wrong. We’ll give you insight and ways to help you avoid that unwanted deferred success including some clear information on what an R06 study plan should ideally look like, to give you the best chance of exam success. If you are sitting the R06 exam it’s one not to be missed…

What’s the R06 exam like and what can go wrong
What’s the R06 exam like and what can go wrong

How do you access the webinar?

You’ll need to register to watch the live webinar and you can do this by going to the R06 forums within our Careers Zone. Click into the R06 forum and you will find the link to register for the webinar in the sticky post.

The webinar will cover what the key challenges are with the R06 exam, how to plan and overcome these and what a ‘fit for purpose’ study plan looks like. We will look at the common mistakes candidates make both in their exam preparation and performance on the day – remember forewarned is always forearmed????

The recording will be added to the webinars page on Careers Zone, so if you missed the live session you can still catch up.

Your opportunity to ask questions

You’ll have your opportunity to ask questions on the day, via the Q&A and we encourage you to do so. It will be an unmissable session for anyone struggling with the right way to prepare for this exam, for individuals wanting a clearer idea of what the exam is like and wanting to understand what knowledge, skills and techniques are required to pass.

Who else do you know that would find this useful? Let them know about the free extra layer of support that is available, the more people that know, the more we can help each other and tackle this exam together.



View Our R06 Exam overview/toolkit to purchase any R06 Study support including Study Guides, e-Learning modules, online workshops and study buddy. 

Chat with other R06 candidates in the dedicated BTS R06 online forum room to help keep up to date , find out any new information and gain help and advise from others.

Catch up on any missed R06 Kick start and Reflect Webinars to find lots of useful hints and tips for the R06 exam.

Read another insightful article ‘R06 – How to Prepare & Pass’ to find out more about information about the R06 Exams.  

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