The Importance of Relationships

The importance of relationships

TW // grief, loss, death Mental Health Week highlights the importance of fostering healthy relationships for overall well-being, as positive relationships can significantly impact mental health. Whether it’s with family, friends, partners, or even coworkers, this week encourages us to pause and appreciate the connections we’ve built.  But there’s one important relationship that often gets […]

Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress – International Women’s Day  

Invest in Women Accelerate Progress - International Women's Day

This International Women’s Day inspired article follows a special edition of the BTS Career Pathways Podcast hosted by Alex Langhorn, Head of Business Support with special guest Gee Foottit, Senior Manager at St. James’s Place. Alex and Gee discussed the work that’s being done in Financial Services to improve gender inclusive practices for both professionals and […]

The Change Catalyst – Chris Moon on the Psychology of Change

The Change Catalyst

Have you ever wanted to make a change in your life, but a voice in your head told you that you won’t succeed? Whether we’re dealing with change in our personal lives or our careers, it’s human nature to avoid risk: in fact, it’s hardwired into our DNA. However, this natural evolution can also be […]

Nappies, Newborns and R01

Nappies, Newborns and R01

In this article, Nikita Phillips, Candidate Support and Business Development Adviser, discusses how she balances studying, full time work and parenting. When I talk about my exam journey, I’m often asked: how do you balance everything? What is the secret to spinning so many plates at once? My response is usually “with difficulty”. Over the […]

Help it’s an Imposter… or is it?

Help it’s an imposter… or is it?

Nikita Phillips, BTS Candidate Support & Business Development Adviser, discusses imposter syndrome and the ways in which she has learnt to manage it whilst building her career in financial services. Have you ever experienced imposter feelings? By this, I mean the feeling of being a complete fraud. You spend each day at work convinced you […]

Let’s talk about deferred success

Let’s talk about deferred success

In a second article for Mental Health Awareness Week, Luiza Todd, BTS Director, shares her views on supporting candidates when it comes to deferred success. Let’s start with a few questions What is important to an exam candidate / corporate Academy? Is it all about first time exam pass rates and successes? How do you […]

The importance of talking about our experiences

The importance of talking about our experiences

Luiza Todd, BTS Director, shares her views on exams and mental health BTS supports mental health awareness This article is going to have a common theme – the effects that exams can have on a candidate’s mental health. Mental Health Awareness week runs from 15th – 21st May, albeit on behalf of BTS, I would […]

How does Diversity & Inclusion Feature in your Training Strategy?

How does Diversity & Inclusion feature in your training strategy?

What are the FCA’s guidelines around training staff? The rules and guidance set out in the FCA’s training and competence regime states that firms must review employee competence and training needs regularly and must also look at the skills, expertise, technical knowledge and behaviour of their employees in practice. A diverse and inclusive training program […]

Studying while working – what support do Paraplanners need? | The Paraplanner Club

Studying while working – what support do Paraplanners need? | The Paraplanner Club

Working in the financial services industry is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Gone are the bad old days where individuals often fell into working within a financial services firm, or worse were embarrassed to admit to their social circle where they were working! Since the Retail Distribution Review in 2012 and the introduction of level […]