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The CII Level 6, Advanced Diploma Exam Pass Rates

The truth behind the AF pass rates, what do they actually tell us?

The CII Advanced Diploma exams are often regarded as one of the most difficult exams to take and pass on the first try. Many students find that they end up having to ‘defer’ their success several times before they achieve their desired goal of passing. The CII exams are awarded on a pass or fail basis only – there is no middle ground, so you need to make sure your score is high enough to pass without question.

For many, it can be helpful to understand each exam pass rates. These pass rates will give you an idea of which of the Level 6 AF exams are the hardest and for you to prepare your studying schedule accordingly.

The CII Level 6, Advanced Diploma Exam Pass Rates

Most difficult AF exams to pass

AF Exam APR 2017 APR 2018 APR 2019 APR 2020 APR 2021
AF1 49% 56% 49% 44% 43%
AF4 49% 48% 49% 55% 50%
AF7 44% 44% 43% 43% 56%

Most achievable AF exams to pass

AF Exam APR 2017 APR 2018 APR 2019 APR 2020 APR 2021
AF6 n/a 60% 99% 98% 97%
AF8 n/a n/a 76% 71% 75%
AF5 65% 58% 57% 72% 63%

What pass mark will I need to achieve a pass?

For an exam to meet rigorous standards a passing score (cut score) is awarded. All pass marks vary from examination to examination to take account of the relative difficulty of examinations presented to candidates, ensuring that the pass standard remains constant. All candidates who reach the required standard for the appropriate exam will pass.  The pass mark that must be achieved for the AF exams is:

Diploma and Advanced Diploma written examination units    55% (except AF7 60% and AF8 50%)
The CII Level 6, Advanced Diploma Exam Pass Rates
The CII Level 6, Advanced Diploma Exam Pass Rates

Increase your chances of exam success

Everyone will have a preference for a certain exam paper. If ‘deferred’ success puts you off, start with a topic you enjoy most.

If you are new to AF exams and can’t really decide, take some time to dig deeper into the syllabus. If you are still unsure and want the highest chance of success to keep you going, go for the exams that have the highest pass rates and draw on your current work-related strengths.

We believe it is so important to properly plan your preparation. BTS know from experience that the more practice and knowledge/exam techniques you embed in your studying process, the higher the chance of passing the exam on the first try you will have.


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