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From Investment Banking to Financial Advice

Working in finance doesn’t mean giving up autonomy and flexibility! Read Joanna’s story and watch her video account of how she changed roles within finance, from investment banking to financial advice and still enjoys all the benefits of a career in financial services – without the corporate culture.

Joanna's story

Joanna’s career path took an unexpected turn after spending an impressive 16 years climbing the corporate and investment banking ladder.

After taking a break from the industry to focus on her family, she uncovered an intense calling that came from an unexpected personal experience – the loss of her father at a young age.

Coupled with the foresight of a well-planned estate, this instilled in Joanna the importance of having financial preparedness. This pivotal life event became the starting point for her reason to transition into financial advice. Watch Joanna’s inspirational video below.

From Investment Banking to Financial Advice Joanna Campbell-Meiklejohn
I loved my early career in the city. I love the professionalism of it. And certainly, I wanted to build on that skill set.

The road to becoming a Financial Adviser

“I loved my early career in the City. I love the professionalism of it. And certainly, I wanted to build on that skill set and build on those transferable skills,” Joanna reflects.

The road to becoming a successful financial adviser was made possible by the St. James’s Place Financial Adviser Academy. This was a game-changer for both Joanna and her practice principle, Keith.

The Academy provides a unique opportunity for new talent to start in the industry, shifting its focus from internal recruitment to gathering a fresh bank of advisers.

Joanna is now a prolific financial adviser with PFP Wealth, and has the opportunity to continue growing her career as part of a team.

Joanna’s path of getting into financial advice was supported by the Women Returners network. This is a resource that offeres vital support and normalises the challenges that many women face when returning to their careers after a break.

“Hearing that how I was feeling was normal really gave me the confidence to just push forward and just put the application in,” Joanna emphasises.

“As an adviser, Joanna brings a unique perspective, not just as a financial expert, but as a mentor and supporter,” Practice Principal Keith notes.

“I think where I tend to come in is just helping financial advisers to create some perspective around their journey.”

From Investment Banking to Financial Advice Joanna Campbell-Meiklejohn

Following your passions

Joanna’s passion lies within the client side of the business. She gets fulfilment in helping families create financial plans that not only grow their wealth but also enhances their financial resilience and security.

Her dedication to detail, technical acumen and following her passions has positioned her as a rising star within the industry.

St. James’s Place recognises the value of fostering a supportive and flexible work environment for its advisers.

Joanna explains, “There’s really no pressure from SJP or the Practice. You very much set your own time, you set your own plan. The work needs to be done, but you can do it in a way that suits you and your family life best.”

A final note

In a time where women are increasingly seeking advice from female advisers, Joanna’s journey serves as an inspiring example of the positive impact women can have in the financial advice profession.

Joanna’s story is an important reminder that a career break can be your greatest asset, and mix this with the right support – anyone can navigate a career change into financial advice.


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