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R0 Revision Workshop Timetable

BTS launch Revision Workshop Timetable for 2024

BTS is holding online revision workshops (using Zoom) for candidates who are studying for and taking the CII examinations.

The timetable  has now been released for booking and, with spaces limited, these tend to book up quickly. See the full timetable and book a space on a workshop here.

R0 Revision Workshop Timetable 2022

How do the workshops help candidates to achieve an exam pass?

The BTS open workshops are designed to consolidate learning and make sure candidates have a sound knowledge of the key subject areas examined on the CII paper. We use exam style examples all the way through to keep candidates as focused on a pass as we possibly can.

BTS workshops act as a platform for an exam sitting soon after attendance as they focus on the exam learning outcomes that are essential to a pass, whilst making the experience enjoyable as well (yes that is possible!).

BTS have been supporting these exams for 20+ years. BTS Designers sit the exams every year to ensure their knowledge of the style and content of exam questions is as up to date and ‘exam standard’ as possible when designing our support materials. We know more than any other provider out there what the exam standard is, and these two days can help candidates reach this standard, sit the exam and pass it!

Workshop attendees will work with an experienced BTS Associate over the two days to consolidate their understanding of the key subject areas for the unit. We will also spend time developing question answering techniques and exam revision strategy. The workshops will focus on the heaviest weighted  Learning Outcomes for the unit.

Attendees also receive 120-day access to digital copies of the slides, plus a selection of online consolidation tests for each Learning Outcome covered on the workshop and a full specimen exam paper containing exam-standard questions and fully explained answers.

R0 Revision Workshop Timetable 2022
R0 Revision Workshop Timetable 2022

Where does BTS training fit into a study plan?

Accessing BTS training is usually the second step in our study plan. Our workshops are designed as to support revision of the heaviest weighted learning outcomes in the exam.

To get the most out of the training experience with BTS, we recommend candidates study their choice of Study Guide before attending a session. The BTS Study Guides can be ordered from the shop.

What training options are available?

  1. e-Learning modules to help further support your studies. A good option if you cant make an online webinar/workshop or if you want to study in your own time. 
  2. Study Buddy – A great way to progress your learning is by downloading our Study Buddy App to help with the following: 
  • You can flag questions that you are unsure of and return to them when you have finished the rest of the paper, replicating the CII exam experience.
  • Sitting a full exam paper in either timed or untimed conditions, and/or you can ask the app to show you questions relating one learning outcome at a time.
  • Your attempts can be saved so you can review your progress and identify the learning outcomes you need to revisit.

3. 1:1 Coaching tailored to your individual needs

4. Bespoke client workshops

Revision workshops are added to the events calendar throughout the year. If you can’t see a date that works for you, get in touch to ask about other options- Such as out e-Learning courses.


View all our Exams overview/toolkits to purchase any Study support including Study Guides, e-Learning modules, online workshops and study buddy.

Find out more in depth help and advise to structure your  studies by viewing our all our Study Plans.

Chat with other  candidates in the dedicated BTS online forum rooms to help keep up to date, find out any new information and gain help and advise from others studying the same exam.

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