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Future Financial Adviser – A Collaborative Partnership

It’s been more than a decade since I left School and College, and back then, I had options like law, psychology, accounting, and business studies to choose from. However, I had no idea about the incredible range of opportunities available in the financial services sector. Surprisingly, even today, many young individuals remain unaware of these exciting possibilities! 

That’s why we are thrilled to be collaborating with Future Financial Adviser to help inspire and attract the next generation of financial advisers.

Over the next 10 years, there is going to be a significant shortage of qualified financial advisers. To bridge this advice gap, we need to bring in more than 50,000 financial advisers! That means there has never been a better time to enter the financial services industry than now!

But why is there an advice gap in the first place? A large number of existing advisers are planning to retire within the next 5-10 years, and we are seeing very few new individuals entering the industry. If nothing changes, more and more people will miss out on the opportunity to benefit from financial advice.

Future Financial Adviser – A Collaborative Partnership
Future Financial Adviser – A Collaborative Partnership

What is Future Financial Adviser (FFA)?

FFA is a platform that aims to create a community for 17-25 year olds, providing them with information and guidance on career pathways in financial advice. It also supports professionals already in the field to further develop their knowledge and skills.

The collaboration includes some of the biggest names in Wealth Management: M&G Wealth Advice, St. James’s Place, and Quilter demonstrating the commitment to nurturing the next generation of financial advisers.

At Bespoke Training Solutions, we are committed to providing candidates with the freedom to select the exam support that best fits their requirements. As one of the three training providers on the platform, alongside Redmill Advance and The Patterson Group, we offer candidates access to a wide range of exam materials to cater to their individual needs.

Future Financial Adviser – A Collaborative Partnership

Our Role in FFA

If you’re familiar with Bespoke Training Solutions, you’ll know that we specialise in the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) exams. We make a point to regularly sit these exams to stay closely connected to them! But that’s not all – at BTS, we are known for the extra arm of support we offer our users.

We have already added some great articles covering:

  • What order should you take the R0 exams?
  • How much does it cost to study for the CII Diploma?
  • What are the R0 exams?
  • Passing the financial planning exams with BTS

The FFA website aims to share careers information aimed at 17-25 year olds and school/university Careers Advisers, to raise the profile of career opportunities in the industry.

We want to make a difference and an impact. We strongly believe that financial advice is a fantastic career option for college and university leavers and want to play our part in raising awareness of our wonderful profession.

So, if you or a young person you know, might be interested in a career in Financial Services, take a look at the Future Financial Adviser website now!


Take a look at the Future Financial Adviser website to find out more detailed information on how you can become the next generation of Financial Advisers.

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